Tree Planting

Tree Planting Fayetteville NC

If you’d like to improve the aesthetic appeal of the property around your home or business, planting a few trees can make a big impact. Planting trees is also a positive step in creating a more sustainable environment for future generations. Every year thousands of square miles of trees are lost to deforestation. In the United States alone, it’s been estimated that deforestation in the country has been responsible for the loss of up to three-quarters of the nation’s virgin forests. While planting a tree or two on your property may not seem like much, it’s a small step toward fostering a better future for life on our planet. The tree you plant today could last for generations, providing shade, oxygen, and inspiration to others for many years to come.

For expert assistance from the best local arborists in the Fayetteville NC area, contact American Tree & Stump today. Our certified professionals have considerable experience in the field with planting, pruningnursing, and removing trees throughout the Fayetteville area. We will help you create the serene home landscape you’ve always dreamed of.

Reasons to Plant Trees on Your Fayetteville Property

There are many practical and aesthetic reasons to plant trees in your yard or at your business. In some cases, there may be no other trees in the area providing shade. Or maybe you simply want some new vegetation to accent your garden. Here are a few good reasons to consider planting trees around your home:

  • Increase Shade and Reduce Cooling Costs – The shade from trees around the perimeter of your home can actually work wonders to reduce cooling costs in the summer. Trees can also provide some much needed natural shade around porches or backyard swimming pools. Even your pets will appreciate the relief a little shade can bring.
  • Creates Oxygen – Trees are fundamental in cleaning Earth’s atmosphere. Each year, the average tree will remove 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and manufacture over 250 pounds of oxygen. Planting trees directly contributes to nourishing a cleaner environment.
  • Enhance Curb Appeal – A few stunning Japanese maples or oak trees can make any home stand out. If you’re tired of not having much on your lawn other than grass, think about planting some trees to change things up. A few full-grown, beautiful trees can even contribute to increasing a home’s property value.
  • Helps Prevent Soil Erosion – The sprawling root systems of many trees assist in preventing soil erosion during heavy rains. A few healthy trees will also help reduce flooding by encouraging moisture to soak into the soil instead of running off. Meanwhile, the canopy of a tree assists in slowing down heavy rain before it hits the ground, further helping to prevent soil erosion.

Professional Tree Planting Services in Fayetteville NC

American Tree & Stump has provided expert tree planting services to customers in Fayetteville and throughout North Carolina since 1993. Our certified arborists know how to take care of your trees. From planting the sapling to removing dead stumps from your yard, our team has the resources and know-how to get any tree service job done. Contact us today to discuss the various types of trees you may want to be planted around your home or business. Our arborists serve much of Fayetteville NC and surrounding areas, including RaleighCarySpring LakeSanford, and Apex